Monday, May 08, 2006

25 and still Alive

This has been one fun weekend.

Since I turn a quarter century on Monday, I decided it would be a good idea to celebrate my birthday ALL weekend.

Friday night my family took me to a WHL playoff game. Vancouver Giants won 5-1. Woohoo. The best part about the evening was inviting along my lil buddy. Up until Friday he had never been to a hockey game, at all. The boy is already 10 years old! He should have started going when he was 8. He was hilarious the whole time, he kept thanking my parents for inviting him along, and he didn't stop talking about everything until at least the 3rd period. It's fun to be part of this kid's life.

Saturday was a bit more stressful. I was attending workshops all day about Social and Emotional Development in children. Informative stuff, and they gave out free goodies all day. I was only 1 of 3 men that attended. Over 100 women and not a looker in the bunch. Want a tip guys? Become a preschool teacher. All of them are really old right now and they'll all be retiring in 5 years. This means there are a lot of hot young women getting their ECE right now.
Anyways, that night I had people over for a BBQ at my house (and I got cupcakes!). It was a big disorganized mess in the beginning, which has pretty much dashed any hopes I had of being a party planner. The evening seemed to go off without a hitch, but apparently I wasn't as intentional as I should have been with attending to all the friends. A few felt a bit slighted at the lack of Mike H in the room they were in. I am currently in the throes of making amends. Le sigh.

Sunday. Whoa. There's really just so much to tell about Sunday, so I'll have to sum it up, in chronological order.
Camp Wannabe
"Kiss me it's my Birthday" button
Dim Sum at Kirin with Australians
Thievery of 4 chop stick holders
Bowling at Commodore Lanes with drunk Australians
'i love Lamp' shirt!
Frogstone Grill meal paid for by the waitress
Easiest babysitting job EVER
(did I just get drunk dialed?)
Grey's Anatomy
And then, the coup de gras, coming home to read the best post about me ever!

I hope tomorrow is as much fun. I mean, it's my birthday after all.


starbender said...

H A P P Y - B I R T H D A Y !
Luv the pic of U on that 'horse'.
Heheheeeee...., U'll have all the women chasing U down the street!

Steph said...


I hope today is awesome and full of cupcakes!!

Lindsey said...

Happy Quarter-Century!!! You're drastic fantastic:) (and it was 5 chopstick holders, for the record) Has the button done it's job yet? Hope this year kicks off the next quarter-century in style!

that girl possessed said...

happy birthday, you GIRL.

Phats said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE H!! I think you might have one more surprise coming, although canadian mail sure is slow.

Pockey said...


Big Mama said...

Happy Birthday Mike!

heather said...

happy birthday mikey mike. i hope your day is shoot-me-in-the-face fantastic.

Amanda said...

Ah yes, it sure is good to be a hot ECE teacher.

Happy Birthday!

cranberry said...

Mike H - you rule dude. I love that you are encouraging young children to embrace the Canadian tradition of hockey.
As for the ECE - perhaps the preschools will fill with fine looking men such as yourself instead of young ladies?

Oh yes, and happy birthday dude. I can only send you a psychic cupcake but if you, tgp and pockey every come visit. I'll make some, perhaps even rainbow.

purelucke said...


I am so glad that your birthday has been great. I so wanted to go, but not able to do too much.

love your blog

Steph said...

Birthday Update???

Phats said...

Your birthday is over quit milking it you hoser hahahaha :)

So Mike, thoughts on grey's??