Sunday, February 26, 2006

Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo is freakin' HUGE!

The Blarney Stone last night was the most fun I have had in a very long while. For the first time since I can remember, I was NOT the Designated Driver.
Oh Happy Day!

Not only that, but my friendship worlds collided with my blogging worlds and my wings. It was a spectacular collision of awesomeness.
What are wings you might ask? Well, in my inability to get anything going with any girl, I have given up on maintaining my hair. As a result of this, my hair is getting longer, and so are my pseudo-burns. They flip up and outwards a little bit, hence the term wings.

There was plenty of dancing, and plenty of drinking. I started with Guinness, and then worked my way over to the hard stuff. But shots are expensive, and $80 later I had no more money to spend on alcohol. It was no matter though, I was sufficiently buzzed enough that I managed to deploy the secret weapon for Operation: Kim Possible.
Let me explain. My friend Wayne brought (for some unknown reason) a rose made of ribbon. When I told him that I still liked Miss K, he gave me the rose ribbon and told me to give it to her when the time was right. Operation: Kim Possible didn't exactly feel like a resounding success. I'm a chicken, that's why I didn't try and kiss her or anything. I also don't have any moves to speak of. So I just try and be myself, and see if she likes me for who I am. Then I let the feeling be known as "mutual" and then the kiss just happens.
I know I should have made a move. I know I'm being stupid in not making any kind of move. But seriously, I'm still pretty guarded about fully liking any girl just yet. I mean, I just found out that the last gf (the whore) is now engaged to her new Utah bf. Ouch. Being the-one-before-the-one is not really something I'd like to experience again, thank you very much.
I'll stop being silly. But for now, I'm just going to enjoy my immensely changed life and get used to it.
Change is hard to get used to, even if it is a positive change.

Right, back to the events at the Blarney. As the subject says, I did in fact get to meet fellow blogger, notjoecheese. Pockey, Cranberry, Shipkicker and that girl possessed were all there as well. (I can link, TGP. Can you?)
Notjoecheese - You're freakin' huge. I'm sorry I keep saying it, but eventually, I will get over your proportional enormity and we will be able to have a civil conversation. If I don't pass out from your bigness, that is.
Pockey - Your Operation: Makeout was a success? I wish I had stayed a bit longer, dammit. We need to discuss this further. Let's watch Gilmore Girls again soon!
Cranberry - I want ALL 85 of your pictures. Is there any way this can happen?
Shipkicker - I'm very glad you liked my Transformers T-shirt. You're ridiculously good looking.
TGP - I'm gonna call you as soon as I post this. But your curls need to happen more often. You were one of the cutest girls in the room last night. Hooray for curls.
Wayne - Thank you Thank you Thank you for taking pictures of Miss K. My batteries died halfway through the night, so I highly appreciate the pictures you let me have.
Holly - I feel like there were discussions between my friends and you that you've not told me about yet. I think you should let me know just what is going on. But I'm totally glad you're part of our crazy little group now. We get together just enough times as not to annoy each other when we hang out. It's so much fun when we're all together though. I love it.


that girl possessed said...

you posted at 8:43... it's 8:59.... see a problem here. NO PHONE CALL!

i really was amazingly cute! and don't worry about operation kim-possible i think you both should take baby steps and some steps were made last night. and that is good.

hehe you a joe... i think it's love.

Phats said...

SOunds like a lot of fun! you spent 80$ on Booze!
Glad you had a good time, and next time be a man and go for the kiss geesh

Mike H said...

Phone call taken care of... Miss Impatient.

Call me out, I'll call you right back.

notjoecheese said...

...did, did mike H just call me fat? Just kidding. That was a hell of a lot of fun and must be repeated sometime, preferably when my funds have replenished themselves. (I got your $80 beat by at least $50.)

His royale hugeness signing off.

that girl possessed said...

oddly enough mike called me and i was like "uh mike does joe know you weren't calling him fat?" joe, you think like a girl!!!

oh i kid, i kid.

Steph said...

I'm glad you guys had fun!!

cranberry said...

mikeh - i will advise you of the secure location shortly once the royal guard has been put in place.

i'm glad i didn't spend that much money and kudos for TGP for driving me there and back.

Pockey said...

Lets see, was operation makeout a success for me? well there was some serious dancing going on, and well maybe alittle kiss at the end of the night, but all in all i do believe they failed in their operation!!

It was alot of fun and yes it does need to happen more!!

Gilmore Girls soon and we will talk for sure!!