Monday, September 19, 2005

Yet another skill with which to pay bills.

I just finished my First Aid course an hour ago. It was pretty intense, and very informative, as most First Aid courses should be. It was Child Care First Aid because my Mom likes to use me as a substitute whenever she needs an extra hand in her daycare.

Now I am able to do CPR on an infant and a child. Talk about scary! I never in my life want to see an unconcious baby, I think that alone would upset me enough to want to run away. But now I have the skills to save little lives. So I'm kind of obligated to save the unconcious baby and not run away. (Responsibility, what's that? I don't want to think about it; we'd be better off without it!)

Why do I do these things and become so responsible? Most of the party animal friends I had no longer invite me to anything because I'm such a square. (Their words, not mine.) I just like being safe, that's all. I care, so sue me.

There's one thing I've realized about taking this First Aid course though, having kids is the scariest thing anybody will ever do in this life. Do you have any idea how deadly things are to a kid? If they ingest (for whatever reason) 2 cigarette butts (1 full cigarette) they'll almost die. Cigarettes, bah! Disgusting habit anyways. If you double those numbers then they WILL die. A marshmallow can't be Heimlich Maneuvered out. The paramedics have to use a wire and stick it down the throat. And that goes for everybody! CPR is the scariest though. Like I said, an unconcious baby would be scary to see. I've never even seen a regular person go unconcious, let alone a baby. And no, I'm not talking about passing out from drunkenness. That's just going to sleep.

Hopefully I'll never have to use these new skills. But I'm sure they'll come in handy someday.


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Phats said...

hmm my coauthor of my blog, nuttyblonde is looking for a good man, do you want the job? haha! we can get you shipped via UPS and we'll make sure to cut holes so you can breathe. I think nuts would kill me if she knew I was offering this.

Nice blog btw, hang in there1