Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Of all the freaking annoying things to happen!

My glasses just broke!
Right about the time that every single glasses repair shop place in my hometown closes down.

Now, on any normal day this wouldn't bother me so much. In fact, annoying things happen to me all the time. I've accepted that this is just the way my life is. (It's made me a very patient person.) But today, I was free all day. Why couldn't it have happened earlier, when I had the time to fix it! Why did it have to happen now, when I can't get it fixed for 2 more days because I'm working.
It's not like I'll be blind mind you. I DO have a pair of contact lenses I can wear. But at work, which I start tomorrow, I'm supposed to wear safety glasses. I don't have any safety glasses because I wear regular glasses, which is totally acceptable. But now I have to borrow some, because our Safety Inspector just got laid off and he normally gives out the safety glasses. But with nobody in the position, nobody is going to know what the heck is going on. So I'm borrowing some. This is so annoying.
This kind of feels like the perfect storm, doesn't it?

When is this great karma supposed to kick in, TGP? I mean, I gave that guy a Starbucks card, shouldn't something mildly good happen to me now?


cranberry said...

awww, mikey.
cranberry sends love.

that girl possessed said...


it will happen soon.

SuperSpyGal said...

Bright side: I hear monacles are making a come-back ! :)

Nutz On A Roll said...

well it COULD be worse. At least you mom didn't fix them with black duct tape until you got into the eye doctor. gosh horrible childhood memories!

Phats said...

HAHA Nutty!!

I had my lens pop out one night at work and cost like 100$ to freakin fix them D'oh!

Gareth said...

Dude I'm sorry to read this about your glasses. Why are all the places closing down??? Oh and I'm flying the white flag about that comment that I made about you and Rhianne. It was inappropriate and so I appologise. You made a few attacks on me in the last few weeks but I should have been bigger, I am older afterall and should be setting an example so I am sorry dude.

notjoecheese said...

You can borrow mine. I'm only supposed to wear them when I drive at night, but I don't. I also don't put my headlights on, wear a seatbelt, or slow down... ever.

cher said...

snail mail my ass! I got my letter!! I was so excited!! I will write you back! I promise.

At least they broke and you didn't lose them. i lost a pair once and it took me almost 4 years to finally spend the cash to get new ones.

Pockey said...

poor mike :(

safety glasses, well they are....ummmm....hmmmm cool i guess!

But i heard henry was good :)

cranberry said...

safety glasses are hawt.t

Mike H said...

Cranberry - and Mike H recieves it willingly.

TGP - I'm holding you to this. And me getting The Cheat in the mail today doesn't count, because I ordered him myself.

Superspygal - Downside: I'm rendered about as useful as a one legged dog. (Awww, Lil' Brudder! You can make it on your own.)

Nutty - I fixed them with new fangled CLEAR duct tape. Not nearly as embarrasing as black, but still up there with horrible.

Phats - It only cost $100 to fix your EYE lens! Thats a bargain if ever there was one.

Gareth - The good eye places close down earlier than the cheap eye places. I only spend for the best! Oh, and Gareth, no apology necessary. We only kid around because we like you. I'll make my amends in a future post I've been brainstorming.

Notjoecheese Jr. Shabadoo - Remind me to keep my good eye out for you when I drive around Langtown at night. What colour would your car look like if I can only see it with one eye?

Cher - Thanks for giving me a little perspective. And I will be getting new ones as soon as my work schedule permits. 12 hour shifts can kind of tie up the day.

Pockey - Let me just state for the record, Safety Glasses are not cool, will never be cool, and have never even once been cool. I hate 'em.
And yes, Henry Rollins was very good. He's cool!

Phats said...

Mike I am a cheap bastard 100$ is expensive to me :)

cher said...

So, do you recognize them?

Bruce-the retarded looking guy

my friend jen

cher said...

hmmm those didn't work. hang on. try this.


Design Goddess said...

well since it's a metal frame, you could always solder it together. If you're the crafty type that is. Don't use superglue, you'll just end up getting it on your lens and then you'll be screwed b/c you can't see out of it!

Too bad it wasn't just a screw loose, then you could have bought those eyeglass kits to fix them. Sorry.