Thursday, November 10, 2005

Post Haste

So, there's been some talk in the ol' comments section of people wanting to be put on the list of Mike H snail mail. I took this as there being a demand for my mundane, run-of-the-mill letters.
I've set up an email address if anybody would like to have their info remain anonymous to anyone but me. Just send me your address and I will send you a letter.

I will write you a letter, but depending on how many people want one, it may take some time. I can make everyone the promise that it will be there before Christmas.

Oh yeah, my family does a Christmas letter every year. I usually get the task of writing it, but because I am not currently living at home, I believe I will write my own page for the Christmas letter. My Mom can take care of the family goings ons. I will take care of my own. Let me know at the above e-mail address if you would like a Mike H Christmas Letter Addendum.

I look forward to writing everyone a letter. Plain as it might be.


that girl possessed said...

oh this is intriguing. i don't think i need to leave my addy at all mister. but it will be nice to have your new one so we can converse in long form yet again.

cranberry said...

i'm totally sending you a note.

you should send me yours. i sent my friend 2, 10-15 page letters when she was in japan.

Steph said...

I'm so stoked. You've inspired me, I'm going to go write some of my own!

Nutz On A Roll said...

you got mail!

cher said...

ok! now we're on! am i allowed to grade it in red pen and send it back to you if it's not good enough?

Mike H said...

TGP - I've already written you a letter, so excited am I about this.

Cranberry - I hope you don't expect me to write 10-15 pages. I usually get a hand cramp after 4. I'd even be willing to hand deliver one, if it means I'd get to see your new place?

Stephanie - I'm always glad to be an inspiration to somebody. Gives me the warm fuzzies. Oh wait, that's just because I'm wearing comfy clothes right now.

Ms. Nutty - And soon, you will too!

Cher - Red, Green, Blue, Purple, it makes no difference to me what colour you use to grade me. Are you some kind of teacher or something? Wait, don't tell me. We'll discuss it in letter form.

Pockey said...

yah your sooooo getting my addie...i love mail

Phats said...

I would feel really weird asking for a letter so I will just enjoy Nutty's when you write her and send her your a mix CD haha :)

How come you didn't answer I was waiting to hear if Licking a battery is truly harmful?

Shoe Diva said...

Hey Mike --- I have a new blog ---
the batgirl

Nutz On A Roll said...

Yeah I'll send you a mix cd after you send me one!! My friends all steal the ones i make, sucks.

cher said...

checked my mail box this morning....nothing! what's up with that?

Nutz On A Roll said...

I know, my mailbox was empty also Cher!!

shipkicker said...

can i have my letter on scented paper with rainbows and cupcakes on it?

cranberry said...

mike dear, i would love for you to hand deliver the letter. grab TGP and come for a vancouver outting

Mike H said...

Pockey - Your addy has been added.

Phats - So I'm to give two letters and a CD all at once? This is going to take a little bit more time. As for the battery thing. It's not harmful, just a little weird. You'll only feel anything if you tongue a 9V, where the +/- sides are right next to each other. Unless you want to put a whole battery in your mouth, which I would recommend against.

Princess Enforcer - Hooray! You're back! I'll link you immediately!

Ms. Nutty - I'm just trying to narrow down the list of songs I chose now. It will be finished this weekend.

Cher - First I have to write your letter, then send it. And mail doesn't go anywhere on the weekends. You'll have to wait at most a week. Sheesh. I said Snail Mail, not Lightning Mail.
The same goes for you too Nutty. Snail Mail.

Shippy - Um, I'll see what I can do? But it's gonna be weird in the store when I ask where they keep their scented rainbow cupcake paper. I hope you know the sacrifice to my masculinity might actually physically hurt me.

Cranberry - I'll do my best. This letter writing thing has got me all tied up this weekend.

Phats said...

My family used to lick batteries to tell if they were dead or not haha I was wondering if you could really tell is why I asked :) I don't put them in my mouth I promise.

Nutty and I have a road trip planned in Dec, we'll rock out to the Mix CD you're making her!

Gareth said...

LOL Shippy you love your cupcakes don't ya?! We call them fairy cakes over here.

SuperSpyGal said...

I think I forgot how to write with that pen and paper stuff....on the rare occasions when I DO write, I use the little pink thing at the top of the pencil, I think its called a deleter, to correct my mistakes !