Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Canadian Bulletin


The NHL is back in full swing ladies and gentlemen. Every single team in the league played last night, some teams won, some teams lost, (Hmph I missed LOST tonight!). But most importantly, the Canucks beat the Coyotes 3 to 2. Go Canucks Go. Take that Gretzky! The Canucks will not be your first win as Coyotes head coach. You'll have to try again in some other city with a sucky hockey team. Vancouver is just too good for you.

So, on an unrelated note, how was LOST? Like I mentioned earlier, I missed LOST to watch hockey. I have priorities people!


cranberry said...

I missed LOST to watch this new movie coming out called Domino with Keira Knightley. Loved it! Oh dear.
I hope my sister taped it for me.

that girl possessed said...

um i missed all because of work. but here is my abridged version of lost for you: they are still lost and don't know what is on the damn island and how to get off.

haha i'm sorry, i'm sure it's a great show. i'll call later to see how things are :)

Gareth said...

Hey Mike our season started 3 weeks ago. We have a new Canadian head coach, Ed Courtenay.

If you want to check the Belfast Giants out the web address is:-

Mike H said...

I've heard about the Belfast Giants. We have our own Vancouver Giants here, they're 16-18yr olds, but they hit hard and fight often. Good little hot-headed Canadian kids.
Good hockey by them Giants! But the NHL is just more fun to watch, so my whole family is obsessed with the Canucks. I'm going to 7 games this season. I can't wait!

shipkicker said...

i went to a canucks game this season. they won, because i was there. isnt lost like a serious gilligans island? if they ever get off the island, there will be no more show. i hate shit like that.