Monday, October 31, 2005

The TRUE Pumpkin Day

With everybody posting their own stories of Pumpkin Day, I'm here to put the whole thing into one special edition DVD of Pumpkin Day.

Here we go.

I met TGP around 11am so we could go and buy pumpkins. This was a fun task. Mainly because of our enthusiasm about doing something as simple as just buying some pumpakins. But TGP and I always make the other laugh. It's just something we do to each other naturally.
In picking out our pumpkins we both made sure to get a good size range. Just in case someone wanted to make a small pumpakin, and maybe in case someone felt ambitious enough make a big complicated pumpkin.
Yes, what you read on TGP's blog was true. Some lady did notice that I had just picked out a great shaped pumpkin and expressed a desire for it. She said "Ooo, that one looked like a good one" and I said, "Oh, too bad, I guess I got it" and then she called me a bastard. Right in front of her kids. How hilarious is that?
And we did make up a back story in case people asked why we were buying so many pumpkins, we were going to say that they were for the orphans and did they want to deprive the orphans of Hallowe'en? This was followed by a fit of giggles from the both of us, and I decided that we also needed some chocolate to go with the pumpkins for "the orphans". In all, we had a fun time at the grocery store while everyone around us were just all business.
Upon returning to TGP's house we did in fact receive a punkin on the doorstep from the local real estate agent. (It's like he knew!) And I am fairly certain that it's the one with the rotten pumpkin soup inside of it. It was soooo funny to see TGP's reaction to the rotten soup. All I could do was laugh, because she had specifically chosen that punkin because it had a 'handle' whereas her last 2 had none. So she hand picked the pumpkin that was rotten. Too funny. (I still say we should have duct taped it shut again and applied some googly eyes.)

Before all this though, we spent a good hour trying to get our stencil picks from the internet. Oh you ornery internet. You can be such a tease.

Then the dazzlemazing Shipkicker showed up and donned her pumpkin carving shirt, which was pretty effing hardcore. She was ready to rock those pumpakins Crue-style. She went to pick a stencil, and I was impressed that she picked Spongebob. He looked freaking hard to do, and it turns out he was. Nevermind the fact that I had to go over her sparsely spaced dots and draw it in for her. Spongebob takes a dedication that I would not have had the patience for.

He looks amazingly spongelike, Shippy. I'm still impressed.

I chose to stick with easier stencils from my favourite website of all time. Seriously, it's why the internet exists for me.
I love it.
Here are my pumpakins, and they're all from that website.

For those not in 'the know' yet, they are, The Cheat, Homestar Runner himself, and Trogdor. (And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIGHT!.)

I just can't get enough of that wonderful stuff.

During the course of the afternoon, her pink and blondness Pockey came along and brought her own pumpkins. She also had the camera, so that's why there aren't any pictures of anything before she triumphantly arrived.

Shipkicker was still working on Bob, and was feeling the crunch, but she didn't give up. And for that I'm proud of her. It's not every year you find three pumpakin carving crazies all at the same time.

By now it was mid-afternoon and I had invited myself over for dinner. Some drinks had been poured, but everyone was trying to carve pumpkins, so the drinks were all but forgotten. I started clearing out Pockey's punkins because she detests the feel of the goop. I LOVE the goop. I was having so much fun separating the seeds from the goop.

A little too much fun perhaps? I'm such a ham!

So anyways, when we were done, the photos of the finished product were taken, and we were all very pleased with ourselves.

But I don't think Shippy was too excited about doing it next year. I think she threw her back out six ways from Sunday carving little Bob out of the pumpkin. Poor Shipkicker, but not really. She ditched us for a costume party that night. So we had lasagna, wine and cheese without her.

Sweet. There you have it. The True Hollywood story behind this business that was Pumpkin Day.


Mike H said...

Yeah, what did I do on Hallowe'en?

Reiterate a blog that everybody could have figured out on their own anyways.

I can't wait until I get to California.

shipkicker said...

mike h your pumpkins were hot. and you had way too much fun digging your hand in the goo. except for now you might have the pumpkin lepreacy.

Nutz On A Roll said...

awww thanks for posting pics of the pumpkins!!! you guys did a great job!

that girl possessed said...

pumpkin goo girl...


cranberry said...

what ever happened to old fashioned carving? huh? huh?
i demand an answer!
all this fancy carving is for the birds.....and birds must be eaten.
ok - back to 'work'.
you all know by now that i do nothing....all day.

Phats said...

Hmm I see this taking place of the great Classic "the great pumpkin charlie brown" Maybe they can call it "the great pumpakin Mike H"

Impressive I couldn't do that with stencils so I am in awe! Thanks for sharing

notjoecheese said...

Awesome Trogdor Mike, but c'mon no teen girl squad? "Tompkins made a Swear!"

Pockey said...

pink and blondness, LOL, awesome!!

that girl possessed said...

i love tompkins.

cranberry said... must be enjoying disney land by now.

Gareth said...

I'm impressed with Sponge Bob too! I'm impressed with all of them actually, they look totally amazing.

SuperSpyGal said...

Awesome pumpkins !!...I don't have the time, patience or attention span to......ummmmm...what were we talking about again???

that girl possessed said...

no goodbye entry... disappointing. talk to you when you come home :)

Phats said...

so wait Mike is at DisneyLand??? If so why didn't he invite us his blog family? Although I prefer Disney World

that girl possessed said...

he's totally in disneyland now on a much needed vacation from all things at home. when he returns i will make him tell me stories and draw diagrams of these adventures. i'll also force him to go to lunch or a movie with me and laugh until we cry. i'm excited. i hope he remembers my postcard.

shipkicker said...

tpg i would make him draw a treasure map. complete with a legend. and bring home a churro. those bitches are good.

that girl possessed said...

treasure map? thats my area of expertise (i don't know if thats how you spell that, but it is now). i'm all about postcards maybe he'll bring you back a churro

Kerri said...

So awesome! I LOVE the homestarrunner ones!