Monday, October 03, 2005

Rant ON!

Being Team Leader at work isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I have to lead a team of people where half of them have little to no idea what they're doing and the other half try to tell me how to lead. It's very frustrating.
I share Team Leader responsibility with this other guy, we switch every two weeks, but when I'm Team Leader he doesn't seem to want to help as much as when he's Team Leader. Nitpicky, but frustrating.
Our battery making team is always 4 people short. We always have people in on overtime, these people are always telling me "well my TL organizes breaks this way so I'm going to do it that way too". Aargh! You signed up to come and work on my team and tell me you're not going to listen to me? Frustrating! I shouldn't have to convince these people to "work with me", they should just "work with me" anyways.
It's just not worth the little bit of extra money I receive to be dumped on by what other people believe should be happening. Everybody's such a goddamn expert, but nobody is willing to do the job themselves. A lot of people talk big, but if they were in charge I wonder how many people would listen to them? You don't get much respect just ordering people around. You get resentment. Which, I'm pretty sure people have for me anyways because I get second-guessed by certain co-workers on an hourly basis.
It's hard enough as it is to organize things with 4 fewer people than we should have. And having newer operators who need someone with more than 3 months experience to help them troubleshoot the machines all the time isn't always easy. It's time consuming.

I just wish we had enough people that there wasn't anyone making annoying comments on how they think things should be done when we're short operators. And I wish all the trainees would learn the job faster, but we operate complicated machines, so that's a pipe dream.

Rant OFF.

Okay, that's out my system now. One more week of this Team Leader business and I can go back to being a regular operator. It's gotten to the point that I signed up for overtime so I could do my regular job without any complications. I haven't signed up for OT in 2 years! Talk about desperate.

I need a hug.


Phats said...

ahh sorry about your tough week! I am sure you made a great team leader though. OT just to work, man that's tough!

Gareth said...

Umm I'm not going to give you a hug because that would be a little tooooo weird! But I will give you a slap on the back for being the best battery guy ever, HAHA.

Yeah the OT thing sucks big time!

Mike H said...

Yeah, I don't expect hugs from dudes, but Thanks for the sympathy guys.
I'll find someone to hug me yet. Maybe I'll have to call my Mom.

that girl possessed said...

you'll be okay mike h, you know what you need and what you are willing to put up with. you are a smart boy and you are an amazing friend.

can't wait to hang out this weekend :)

cranberry said...

i haven't forgotten about your drink on the house.
you better have a list of songs from the Perisher's album though.